Carl Ware - b project story

Athlete Q & A

What prompted you to seek b project’s services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

I write a lot in my job as a research scientist, which keeps me at a desk, way too much sitting. Over the last few years I began losing sensation in my feet (peripheral neuropathy) and I didn’t realize how much strength I had lost in my legs. Importantly, my surfing suffered.

Why did you specifically select b project?

My son, Austin Ware suggested I go to b project for strength training. Austin “graduated” from the b project fully rehabilitated from a career-ending back injury. Brad and Kristina at b project designed a program that helped Austin regain his strength and skills that allowed him to continue his career as a professional surfer and coach.

What do you like best about b project?

Kristina! Kidding aside, it’s the personal attention to my specific issues and training. I was surprised at the dramatic results.

What is the hardest part about b project?

Probably overcoming my perceived embarrassment of training in front of all the pro snowboarders, skaters and surfers. However, everyone is so welcoming, embarrassment is never an issue.

What has changed since starting b project?

The strength in my legs, hips and core has returned with dramatically improvement in my surfing. I make more waves, and deeper bottom turns for a sexagenarian.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’m catching more waves and enjoying surfing more, probably to the chagrin of all the groms at Seaside reef!

Carl Ware
Carl Ware
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