Chas Guldemond - b project story

Athlete Q & A

What prompted you to seek b project’s services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

When I went surfing with my friends and competitors every afternoon they were complaining about being sore. I thought to myself they are working harder than me and their trainer must be badass! I had to investigate, so I dropped in on a session with my buddy’s and was pleasantly surprised on how good of a workout I got. I was also so stoked that every movement and exercise directly related to my sport.

Why did you specifically select b project?

I really needed to get strong for the upcoming season. After that session I knew these were the people I wanted to work with! The effort and professionalism cannot be matched!

What do you like best about b project?

Getting told what to do by Kristina! haha

What is the hardest part about b project?

Upper body workouts, I am a pro snowboarder and it challenged me a lot. All legs baby!!

What has changed since starting b project?

I have a sweet warm up routine that I use every time I get active that I learned from B Project. It warms up every muscle and it only takes 10 minutes!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

B Project is more of a relationship than a business. The team at B Project has always been there for me and keeping me healthy and strong is their number one goal. I appreciate people like that and they are hard to come by in my industry.

Chas Guldemond
Chas Guldemond
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