Shaun Mckay - My b project Story

Athlete Q & A

What prompted you to seek b project’s services? What situation or problem did you need to solve?

In 2006 I had a shoulder labrum tear that I had surgically repaired and started seeing Brad for therapy. That fall, the therapy turned in to training and I’ve been training at b project summers/fall ever since.

Why did you specifically select b project?

As a snowboarder who has been through a few surgeries, I understand how important training is for your body. Brad is someone who can help you with your injuries and get the rest of your body in tuned to prevent future ones.

What do you like best about b project?

I like that every summer when I come home, after 6 months of being gone, the training program has evolved and changed. Brad is constantly challenging himself to come up with creative new ways to challenge you, and it keeps it fresh and fun.

What is the hardest part about b project?

The hardest part is going through the actual programs.

What has changed since starting b project?

Since I started back in 2006, that’s a bit of a loaded question…

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yes. Before I got injured I thought training was lame. After going though multiple surgeries, rehabs and training, I realized how important training actually is. I like B project because the training is great, and having the program be designed and run by a licensed physical therapist is important to me.

Shaun Mckay
Shaun Mckay
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